1st USB cable with 2nd USB port (charge/flash drive) + micro USB plug to charge from Android phone / tablet to iPhone / iPad / Android

Top quality materials

make MAXiOS better
90 strands of copper wires
powder coated plug housings 
flexible and strong 2 layered silicone cable
1 meter, 3 feet long

Android phone in the middle charging 2 mobile devices - with additional cable

Charge Anywhere

even if no chargers are available

MAXiOS is the ONLY cable that enables charging of 2 mobile devices from 1 Android phone or tablet (OTG compatible) AND use with any USB flash drive.

1st 3-in-1 Connector on the market 

MAXimum Input Output Sharing - charge up to 2 phones / tablets with any OTG compatible Android phone / tablet & plug in any flash drive to transfer files.

MAXiOSis the 1st USB cable with a female USB port built into a USB / micro USB plug, 2 in 1 micro USB and Lightning output, and super magnet.

Female USB Port enables you to plug in:

  • Another cable to charge a 2nd mobile device 
  • Flash drive for transfer of files 
  • Keyboard, game controller, mouse 

USB Plug:

  • Charge from AC / Car / PC USB port / Battery pack
  • Data exchange with computer

Pull out micro USB plug:

  • Charge from Android phone / tablet (OTG compatible)

LOW Memory?

Plug in any USB flash drive

Super magnet
Stick MAXiOS on any metal surface - computer, table, shelf; for convenience and no worries

about loss or tangle.

Flash drive connected to transfer files from Android phone