The new Nexus 6P is full of the latest technology – including USB-C charging.  Unfortunately, right now USB-C cables and devices are still not common, and the only choice is to carry around long and messy wires.  The MAXiOS 3X3 Keychain Charger offers the only all-in-one compact solution right now.

While other devices claim to be 2-in-1, MAXiOS 3X3  is truly all-in-one.  The power output end fits the new USB-C (Nexus 6P), micro USB (Samsung), and Lightning (Apple) ports.  The power input end draws power from USB (charger, battery pack, PC), micro USB (Android phone / tablet), and USB-C devices.

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the MAXiOS 3X3  can turn Android mobile devices into a backup battery (even the Nexus 6P) to charge your Android, Apple, and just about every mobile device.

Output Connectors:

  • USB-C (Nexus 6P and more)
  • micro USB (Samsung, LG, Android)
  • Lightning (iPhone, iPad)

Input Connectors:

  • USB (charger, battery pack, PC port)
  • micro USB (Android phone / tablet – OTG compatible)
  • USB-C (Nexus 6P, Nokia tablet, etc.)

All this fits in a convenient and lightweight 4 inches of tough silicone, copper wires, and steel connectors that fits onto any keychain.  The very affordable package consists of the main MAXIOS keychain cable, along with a micro USB to USB-C adapter, and USB to micro USB adapter.  It’s also obsolete proof because the modular design can be retrofitted with adapters for future technologies as needed.

3x3 all in one keychain charger 

the most powerful and versatile charging cable for NEXUS 6P and any mobile deviceS anywhere